What is CPM (Cost Per Mile)

The best customer relationship management software helps you provide better service and captures valuable insight into what your clients actually need. It smooth and simplifies business processes for service agents, sales reps, and any employee.

There is a boatload of CRM software options to settle on from. They each have strengths that will play better for various sorts of companies. Which one is really getting to help your teams? To help sort things out, I reviewed the simplest CRM software available and put together a quick buyer’s guide to assist you to create an informed final judgment.

1. HubSpot — The Best Free CRM Software

If you’re within the sales or marketing industry, you’ve probably read Hubspot’s blog or taken one among their free certification courses. They also offer strong free CRM software graceful customer relationships.

Need to observe when contacts open your emails and optimize your open rates? No problem. Maybe you would like to ascertain how a contact behaves on your website. With Hubspot, it’s easy. These position-specific solutions include sales, marketing, customer service, operations, and owners. 

The free CRM plan includes a robust set of features, including:

  • Contact management
  • Email scheduling
  • Deal pipelines
  • Meeting scheduler
  • 1-1 live chat
  • Contact website activity
  • Store, track and manage tasks
  • Document sharing
  • VoIP calling

These features are hard to beat on the other free plans on this list. However, Hubspot’s paid plans are well worth their price also. The Starter Plan starts at $40 per month, paid annually. However, if you would like to bundle all of Hubspot’s CRM software, you’ll get starter access to all or any four for $50 per month if you plan to a 12-month contract.

So, for $10 extra dollars a month, you furthermore may get software specialized for marketing, sales, and customer service. However, confine mind these prices are supported by 1,000 contacts. the worth increases for each additional 1,000 contacts you’ve got.

2. Sales flare – Best Lead Management Tools for Small Business

Any CRM worth it’s salt should definitively answer one question—how does this help teams sell better? As you see on this list, different platforms have come up with different solutions to the present question. Sales flare stands out for pushing lead management tools to the forefront without being caught up with superfluous features.

It starts with the software’s intelligent operation. Salesflare pulls contact info, company role, and far more detail automatically from emails, social profiles, and other sources. This information is stored both during a dedicated section for every account you’re selling to and a universal contact book accessible by your whole team.

Not only that, but Salesflare automatically logs actions by your team—such as meetings, calls, and other touchpoints—and by the prospects and customers themselves, whether or not they open an email you sent, click a link, or visit a landing page.

The combination of simplicity and power inherent to Sales flare makes it an excellent tool for smaller B2B sales outfits. Not only does one get useful automation and therefore the tools to assist really nail follow-ups (and, thus, really encourage leads along the trail to purchase), you get key features like:

  • Team-wide timeline view for tracking opportunities from lead to win
  • Personalized, scheduled, trackable email campaigns
  • Insights dashboard that can be segmented by team member, pipeline, or date range

That’s all included at the base Growth plan for $29/user per month. One step up from there is the Pro plan, for $49/user per month. With that you’ll also get:

  • Custom email workflow builder for multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • User permissions, including view-only access
  • Custom dashboards

There is also an Enterprise plan for $99/user per month. But the most benefits of that are the extra support you get, like a fanatical account executive and custom-made training modules for your team.

But Salesflare really shines for smaller B2B businesses and therefore the lower two pricing tiers are quite palatable for that purpose. you’ll provide it a try with Salesflare’s free trial or request a demo today.

3. Zoho CRM — The Best for Small to Midsize Businesses

Unlike the opposite options on this list, Zoho CRM is an all-in-one solution. There aren’t additional modules to seem through for various departments or anything like that. This makes it a superb option for little to midsize businesses.

They even have an in-depth network of 40 other business tools. So, if you’re using Zoho software already, integration with Zoho CRM is seamless.

However, their paid plans are affordable also , and that they include advanced CRM features like:

  • Real-time sales signals and customer notifications
  • Blueprint business management for both on and offline processes
  • Prospect scoring capabilities
  • Unique sales pipelines
  • Mass emails
  • Inventory management
  • An AI assistant
  • Advanced customizations

The cheapest paid plan starts at $12 per user per month, making it extremely affordable for small businesses. 

4. Fresh works CRM — The Best CRM for Sales Teams

Freshworks CRM is specifically built for sales teams and lead management. From cold results in customers, Freshworks helps you create better relationships while saving time with automation.

Furthermore, this CRM helps you discover the simplest leads, get in-tuned with them via their preferred method, and shut the sale. And Freshworks includes a built-in email and phone system to help simplify the process. 

With Fresh works CRM, you get powerful sales-based features, including:

  • Lead, contact, account, and deal management
  • Tasks and appointment management
  • Merge or clone records
  • Advanced conversation views
  • Lead scoring
  • Time-based workflows
  • Sales pipelines
  • Team inboxes and email forwarding
  • Email scheduling, templates, and alerts
  • Website visitor tracking
  • iOS and Android mobile apps

Aside from a powerful set of features, they also offer industry-specific solutions for 15 different industries, including retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and more.

5. Creatio — The Best Enterprise-grade CRM Software

While a number of the opposite CRM software on this list includes an enterprise plan, you’ll find them limiting if you’re managing an outsized operation. However, Creatio is an enterprise-grade CRM software built with businesses like yours in mind.

They offer specific CRM solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

Marketing Creatio gives enterprise businesses everything they have to streamline their multichannel marketing campaigns and manage incoming leads. It includes features like:

  • Visual campaign designer
  • Website behavior tracking and segmentation
  • Advanced trigger campaigns
  • Personalized email marketing
  • Event tracking and response management

Pricing depends on the number of contacts and the number of emails per contact. 

Sales Creatio is perfect for large sales teams taking over after marketing hands them over. It’s an end-to-end sales management platform built to simplify the process and save you time. 

It includes a wide range of features, including:

  • Opportunity management
  • Customer profiles and buying behavior insight
  • Field sales management
  • Performance and operations

Lastly, Service Creatio is for customer service teams interested in streamlining their processes and creating excellent customer experiences from start to finish. It includes features, like:

  • Account and contact management
  • Case and knowledge management
  • Omnichannel communications
  • Service catalog
  • Contact center

You can bundle all three CRM solutions if you need to. And you can use their online pricing calculator to estimate the total cost. 

6. Salesforce — The Best Software for Versatility

Whether you’re alittle business owner or a sales, marketing, IT, or customer support team, Salesforce has the right CRM solution. Known for its versatility, they provide specialized software that adapts to satisfy your needs.

They also offer specialized solutions for 14 different industries, including:

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer goods
  • Energy
  • Communications
  • Nonprofits

The system is so versatile because you’ll pick and choose which apps you would like to create an entire CRM solution customized to match your business.

From marketing automation and ecommerce sales to call-center software and self-service portals, Salesforce is devoted to providing everything you would like for unprecedented customer relationships.

Their business plans include:

  1. Essentials — $25/user per month (basic sales and support)
  2. Sales Professional — $75/user per month (complete sales solution)
  3. Support Professional — $75/user per month (complete service solution)
  4. Pardot Growth — $1,250 per month for up to 10,000 contacts (marketing automation)

However, you can add additional features applications depending on what you need. They also offer other plans for sales, customer service, commerce, and marketing CRM packages with varying features. 

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