My 8 Favorite Tools for Driving Business Growth

What is CPM (Cost Per Mile)

1. Buzzsumo

I’ve yet to seek out an application that will do everything Buzz sumo can. Honestly, I reminisce on my youth of content marketing and can’t believe the number of hours I spent on topic. Being able to connect search terms and obtain the foremost popular content.

Alongside the names of influencers sharing that content makes this one among the foremost valuable tools in my library. Whether you’re trying to attach with influencers, search for new topics, test audience interest for replacement posts, you would like Buzz sumo in your toolbox

2. Hello Bar

Hello Bar may be a useful gizmo for lead generation. it’s a comparatively simple plugin to implement. once you want something a touch more subtle than a pop-up, this is often my go-to choice.

I’m all for aggressive pop-ups, but only they’re appropriate. Sometimes, you would like something less in your face within the funnel.

3. SumoMe

SumoMe suite of tools is the most ordinarily a toolset, which helps you rapidly expand your list of email subscribers. The templates included for this functionality are terrific, and that I love how easy it’s to customize specific elements.

The additional tools available are just gravy, and include:

  • List-building features
  • SumoMe Share, for straightforward and attractive share buttons that count user actions
  • The doormat, a full-screen call to action
  • Heat mapping
  • Smart bar, for more subtle calls to action and opt-ins (similar to Hello Bar mentioned above)
  • Simplified image-sharing tools

I use SumoMe tools on almost every single site I maintain, and you ought to, too. Foundr magazine agrees; it recommends SumoMe for its list-building tools.

4. Instapage

A lot of the projects I’m involved in a go from ideation to testing and deployment pretty rapidly. If I had to figure out a custom developer, designer, and coder on every project, all that communication would slow things down considerably.

Instead, I really like Instapage because its templates and built-ins make it easy to quickly generate landing pages. And with the program’s widget design, you will find a vast potential for adding functionality to landing pages and testing, you’ll get pretty creative together with your landing page design, without having to understand plenty of code.

5. UserTesting

It’s never an honest idea to assume you recognize what the customer wants, or whether the planning you slaved over goes to figure as intended. For these reasons, I always rest on UserTesting to urge an unbiased check out how the typical person interacts with my site pages and sales funnels.

Because UserTesting records both on-screen actions and user comments, you get to be ready to see the testers’ reactions and listen to their thoughts as they are going through your site, processes, checkouts, and conversion points. I always find something that pops up that our team hadn’t considered, which insight is actually priceless.

6. Peek

Don’t have the allow UserTesting? inspect the choice, Peek, which is liberal to use. Once you’ve signed up, the tool gives you a fast five-minute video of somebody using your site, essentially enabling you to “peek” inside the mind of your user.
One thing to stay in mind, however, is that the user conducting your video review might not be a member of your audience, as acknowledged by Lance Jones of Copyhackers. Despite this caveat, Jones argues, the service is worth a try. As he says, “[W]hen you’re reviewing your free video, just remember that Peek may be a [featured-limited] taste of a way larger service that, when used correctly, might be invaluable to your CRO activities.”

7. Qualaroo

I could spend hours every day pouring over analytics reports from my sites, pages and social channels in an attempt
to stay tabs on what visitors do . And, believe me, I do, but the matter is that an honest chunk of the info I stare
at a day isn’t actionable.

When you got to make marketing strategy decisions, it’s best to understand why people are taking the actions they’re — not just what they’re doing. That’s why I exploit Qualaroo: to probe those customer insights, hear directly from the audience segments I target, and gather qualitative data that lets me take better-informed action.

8. Optimizely

I’m directly involved in numerous different projects that there’s always something to be tested and improved upon. For this reason, I’ve turned my teams on to Optimizely, because of how easy the programs make it to launch split-test runs.
With the program’s intuitive visual interfaces, I can found out and run a test within minutes.

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