8 Important 2021 SEO Trends You Need to Know

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What’s 2021 getting to be like for SEO professionals? inspect 10 important trends you would like to understand.

Trend 1: Focus on User + Search Intent

In 2021, it’s time to focus on the user and search intent. For real. While this is often few new trend or concept, once a year it’s important to refocus because searcher intent and behavior is changing all the time. Especially after the year that was 2020 when such tons rapidly changed.

At the core, Google could also be an area to travel when people want to answer a problem, When we understand the character of why people search and help them with content that gives the answers they’re trying to find than our business benefits from it.

SEO pros will get to transition faraway from traditional best practices which will hold less value because the algorithms. Get stronger and focus more on better understanding what’s happening within the SERPs/searcher intent.

Trend 2: Customer Analytics and Retention

SEO wont to be (mostly) about driving traffic But SEO has evolved into far more. in 2021 you will be pushed more to make the traffic you’ve to work so the gaps in revenue and ROI. So, in 2021, data on behavioral analytics will become the most well-liked commodity.
With Google evolving faster and faster to provide instant satisfaction, taking responsibility beyond visits, also as marrying up UX, conversion, and revenue became even more important.

Keyword volume will take a back seat and it’ll be more behavioral analytics – what your customer is doing, how they’re doing it, and the way we will get them to try to do more of it quicker – and reverse engineering that to the content you produce.

Trend 3: Brand SERP Optimization

In 2021, tracking brand SERPs and knowledge panels will become the norm. The reality that entity-based search starts with Google’s confident understanding of who you’re what you offer and what audience you serve.

Savvy marketers will truly get to grips with watching their brand as an entity and begin to figure in earnest on Google’s understanding of the whom you are’ a part of that trio by creating or improving their presence within the Knowledge Graph.

Every SEO pro should take is to trace their brand’s result score within the knowledge graph API, Then, work on activities outside of getting great content to drive their presence within the knowledge graph.

Some of those activities to specialize in 2021, Scholz said, will include:

  • Ensuring an entire and proper organization markup.
  • Establishing a presence in relevant knowledge bases like Wikidata.
  • Claiming your knowledge panel to use the posts by Google feature.
  • For physical businesses, fixing your Google My Business profile.

Trend 4: Page Experience Optimization

page experience metrics can not be ignored. Websites and businesses got to prioritize for them to make sure they don’t fall behind their competitors, Make the foremost out of insights provided via tools like Lighthouse and Crux API. Everything from page speed, mobile-friendliness, rendering, image optimization, and security protocols must be optimized.

We should be watching how a page makes a user feel, not just whether the page is accessible and comprehensible to an inquiry engine crawler. This will involve us taking a user-centric approach with our optimization efforts, including a keen specialize in:

  • How quickly and smoothly pages load.
  • When soon pages become aware of user interactions.
  • How easy an internet site is to use and navigate on mobile devices.
  • The safety and security of a site’s connection as users are browsing through it.

Trend 5: Mobile SEO

Ensuring your content/website performs well from a mobile perspective should also still be a focus as this is often where the bulk of searches are being conducted. What sort of experience do your users have when accessing your content and trying to seek out answers on their mobile devices? The best thing you’ll do when it involves mobile UX is to believe the user first,
Simplicity in your design is that the key. Also, make certain to personalize the website content and elements supported by your user.

But there are more reasons all SEO is now mobile SEO Google will essentially be ignoring your desktop site. Your mobile site will determine your rankings.

Trend 6: Automation

If we glance back at the increasing number of SEO tasks. We are ready to automate in 2020 the chances for 2021 are going to be mind-bending. Expect the standard and quantity of AI-generated content to extend dramatically. it’ll definitely create a much bigger challenge for search engines to stay spam out of the index.

In-the-loop automation to form sure the worth is high for search users is going to be focus to avoid penalties.

Trend 7: Long-Form Content

one trend to assist you to outrank your competitors is going to be consistently publishing content that appeals to guidelines. I consistently witnessed blogs over 2,000 words dramatically outperform blogs of 1,000 words or less. Expect this long-form content trend to continue in 2021. As more and more websites follow this trend, the length will get larger – maybe even toward that 2,500-3,000 rank.

Trend 8: SEO Scalability

2021 should be your year to create scalability into your SEO if you’re getting to get before your competition.


Here are three tips:

  • List all the tasks, processes, and workflows you are doing on a daily basis. Determine which steps in those might be automated or better handled by use of a tool.
  • Set up an alert system that monitors significant changes to things like rankings of your important keywords, flip-flopping URLs ranking for an equivalent keyword page content changes, URL changes, etc.
  • Establish SoPs for any regular tasks you can’t automate so your team isn’t dalliance reinventing the way to do them whenever they have to be performed.

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